New review

Got a new review for The Wounded King.

Winn has a great way of pulling you right into the thick of things, thinking you have been involved in a much longer story.

Check out the whole thing here.

New review for The Wounded King!!!

Well, hello Happy Sunday!

A tiny snippet from a new review for The Wounded King:

“a near-perfect blend of innocence and depravity”

And there’s a lot more where that came from over at

“holy mother of sweet jesus!”

Here’s an excerpt from a review a month or so ago for Martuk … The Holy

” … let me just tell you about how I felt after reading this book. First of all my thighs hurt, literally, from having been clenching my muscles. My head is still spinning, almost like I’m just coming down from a psychedelic acid trip (at least that’s what I imagine a psychedelic acid trip to be like. Anyone?). I can’t stop rethinking the details, finding more symbolism in the archetypal characters. I could have totally done without the gore and the graphically violent scenes (not for the meek), but then I’d be reading a totally different book, wouldn’t I? I’m pretty sure my heartbeat is still not entirely back to its normal pace … ”