intoxicating sensuality on sale

… for only $1.99!!!!!

To celebrate making his very first Best of 2012 List, the ebook version of Martuk … The Holy will be on sale until next Monday, the 21st.

So, if you haven’t already, head on over and pick up your copy now. 🙂

Martuk: voted one of the best

Just learned that uber-reviewer Caleb Blake has included Martuk … The Holy on a very small select Highlights of 2012 list.

It’s kind of amazing when you start your day with someone calling your work “a tale imbued with a relentless darkness and an intoxicating sensuality.”

And to sit there next to NYTimes Bestselling Author Hugh Howey of Wool? (yep, he made the list, too) Incredible. 🙂