5 SCARY Moments from Proseuche That SHOCKED the NATION

Loved the FIRST book, Martuk … the Holy? Then the second book, Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche, will AMAZE you!!!!!

Here are Five SCARY Moments from Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche, one of the TOP Twenty Horror Novels of 2014, that will make you HAPPY it’s ONLY A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



1. In a church in Paris, Martuk turns to a Priest for help … and what he does will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

He’ll NEVER be the same.


2. Martuk and The Sister finally meet in her apartment … and what she says to him took him by SURPRISE!!!!



3. In the hills above third century Antioch, Martuk’s MYSTERIOUS friend Tiber reveals one of his greatest, most dangerous secrets … and what it is will CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!!

96.7% of those not polled will NEVER forget it!!!!!!!!


4. When Martuk visits his MYSTERIOUS friend Cecelia at her home … what she keeps in the jars on her shelves made him DOUBT EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

He went CRAZY!!!!!!!!!


5. In the desert, Martuk runs into a Samaritan … and what he does next WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!!!

Your life will be CHANGED!!!!!!!!


… MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!

98.23% of those not polled will NOT pronounce Proseuche CORRECTLY!!!!!!

DO YOU??????????


(It’s pro-soo-kay)


Want to check out the book?????





Five UNKNOWN Facts About Jonathan Winn That Will CHANGE EVERYTHING!!!!!

You know him as a screenwriter (film and television) and the author of Martuk … the Holy and Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche as well as The Martuk Series and the upcoming Eidolon Avenue (2016) from Crystal Lake Publishing.

But what you DIDN’T know will SHOCK YOU and CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!!!


Did you know … ??????????????????????

5. He graduated chili con carne with an Assistant Associate A-for-Effort Certificate of Completion in Phonetic Gangsta Rap from Buttons’n’Hoes Online University.


4. He’s the undefeated champion in “Holy schnitzel, what’s that smell?”


3. Is a proud recipient of the Hands Across Bungflick County Scholarship for his tireless work with DAT ASS (Differently Abled Turtles with Awkward Sinking Syndrome).


2. Is recognized as the unrecognized inventor of Twig, the never-popular wood-smoke scented waxless wicklesss candles found at your local forest and/or wooded area.


And the NUMBER ONE UNKNOWN fact about JONATHAN WINN?????????

You’ll NEVER guess what happens NEXT!!!!!!!!

ARE YOU READY???????????????????????


Are you SURE??????????????????????????


The #1 FACT about Jonathan Winn That Will CHANGE EVERYTHING:

1. He is the FIRST open and proud and open AMPHIBIOUS AUTHOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He can use BOTH his hands —

like THIS guy —


when he types!!!!!

BE AMAZED!!!!!!!!






AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doctors DON’T want you to KNOW THIS!!!!!




And don’t forget to check out his books here and here.


Proseuche cover reveal and synopsis

Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche (release date July 22, 2014) —

And cradled in her kindness, I dove back into the blood soaked memories of this, my life.

With those words, the immortal Maruk’s tale continues.

From modern Paris, he speaks of his life in the religious chaos and pagan magic of 3rd century Antioch. Of his friends, a man haunted by grief and regret, and a woman with secrets as thick as the woolen of her constant cloak. Of days marked by the greed of Rome and the ambitions of those driven by dangerous delusion.

He remembers wandering souls who returned with their own stories to tell. Who shared their own memories of blazing deserts and a darkness with teeth. Of being imprisoned in a myth built by the lies of others. And then Martuk recalls a magic so dark it summons demons from a cloudless sky and rips the sleeping dead from their slumber.

The past revisited, Martuk ends his tale with a confession. A modern-day betrayal so cruel, the rest of his life everlasting threatens to be one of searing regret and never-ending shame.

This sequel to Jonathan Winn’s Martuk … the Holy is a tale of stumbling humanity and shocking brutality. Forgiveness and release. Death. Immortality. And the tenuous hope for blessed redemption.

This is Martuk … the Holy … Proseuche.




How to fuck up Twitter

Okay, I love La Twitter. Love it. Love joking around, reaching out, saying Hi, sending support and congrats and whatnot. Love that I’ve made some solid business connections and a few fairly good friends. Love that those I Follow are directors and producers and actors and dancers and writers and teachers and painters and sculptors and ordinary Joes and Jills who have a rollicking sense of humor. And I love that Twitter has the potential to be a very powerful marketing tool.

Do I Tweet excerpts to this blog? My new book? Interviews I give? Yes, yep, and hell yeah. Are they on constant rotation? God no. Do I actually get on and talk with people? OF COURSE! And that’s why Twitter has been such a success for me.

If you take a moment to dig beyond the black pixels on white and dive into the heart of what it COULD be, Twitter has a lot to offer IF it’s used smartly.

Smartly? Yeah.

Give me a sec while I pull on my Bitchy Britches …

What I hate — HATE — is having my TimeLine filled with Authors spamming me links to their books. “Riveting read”? I could care less. “Better than Clive Cussler”? Good for you. “Best book I’ve EVER read!”? Somehow I just don’t believe your Aunt Sally. “The next Stephen King”? Probably not.

Listen, I understand the desire to market. In the self-pubbing world, it’s an absolute necessity. How else will we find our audiences? But how effective will you be if your marketing degenerates into thoughtless bullshit that annoys your Followers and alienates potential Readers? Link after link after link quickly becomes a predictable, repetitive white noise and soon we find ourselves just … not … caring … anymore.

Okay, we got it. You wrote a book. Good for you! Congrats and good job! No, seriously. It ain’t easy, that’s for damn sure. Sacrifices were made, blood might have been spilled, tears certainly were shed. I have a book, too. A few, in fact, with more on the way. Books are not easy things to do.

Now, show me who you are! Why should I click your many links? Why should I buy your book? And why should I commit the time necessary to walk with you through your pages if I have no idea who you are and you evidently have NO interest in knowing who I am?

So listen up, Author:

Want to sell me a copy of your riveting read? Talk to me. Be a real person. Engage me when I Tweet you a congrats.

And DO NOT auto-DM me a “Thank You for Following” with a link to your opus and FB page when I decide to Follow Back. That’s a bit like staring at the ceiling before patting me on the back and then sticking your hand out for your $20.

Now, not all links are worthless trash. I discover A LOT of great articles and interviews via Twitter. That’s all well and good. I expect that kind of content from those particular Tweeps. These are people I’ve dealt with and enjoy. And of course people have schedules and can’t be on Twitter all day, so pre-scheduling Tweets is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.

But what are you Tweeting?

I’m writing two books, one screenplay, and two plays. And that’s not counting the other three books I’m chapter mapping, the play I’m doing rewrites on, and the other screenplay I’m scene mapping. Oh, and the life I’m living. You know, dogs to play with, an Other Half to placate, family to love and/or argue with.

Twitter, for me, is like a mini-break. I get on, set the clock, give myself 15 minutes or so to absolutely annoy the shit outta people, and then, once that time is up, sign off with a “Gotta get to work on my WIP, Tweeps” and that’s it. Personal and to the point and I love it.

Maybe I’m a naive fool — definitely a strong possibility, kids –, but I kind of think of Twitter, sometimes, as a big book signing, minus the books to sign, of course. People approach me, like the link IN MY PROFILE (thank you), chat me up, we laugh, I answer their writing questions, we laugh some more, and, lo and behold, I find myself with a sale. Is that the goal? No, of course not. Buying my book never comes up nor should it. That’s not why I’m there. The goal is to make a connection and inject some enjoyment into my day. The sale is just a nice surprise and always gets a happy dance. Still.

And it didn’t come about because of a link in a Tweet or a snippet of a gushing review. It happened because, perhaps for only a brief time, I became a real person to them. I was no longer a name on a cover, but instead someone who took an interest in their writing, their career, their questions and confusion and doubts. Their successes, both big and small. It happened because I sincerely appreciated them taking a chance and reaching out to say “hey, I loved that excerpt on your blog. I’m a writer, too. Any thoughts?”

Oh yes. I have thoughts.

The best way to fuck up Twitter — or at least MY version of Twitter — is by hiding who you truly are behind a dizzying array of auto-Tweets. Choosing the easy path of pre-set automated links and gushing snippets and ALL CAPS urging me to BUY. Not caring enough about your potential readers to actually, you know, give a few minutes every now and then to put fingers to keyboard and say “Hey, what’s up?” and then actually reply to those who respond. Nothing turns off a reader more than Tweeting back a quick “Nothing much, Awesome Author with a Great Book. What are you up to?” and receiving nothing in return. I mean, really? How long does it take to type “Argh, working my butt off here!” or “LOL” or something?

Even three small letters is a hell of a lot better than condescending silence.

So, dazzle me not with empty Tweets riddled with hyperlinked blue. Dazzle me with who you are because that’s the person I’m going to find in your book, isn’t it? IF I buy it, that is.

And that, dear Writer, is up to you.