Who the hell is this guy?

Screenwriter and author of Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast (“a great read…powerful and jarring” – Cemetery Dance, 2016), Martuk … the Holy (“A Highlight of the Year”), Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche (Top Twenty Best Horror Novels of 2014, Preditors & Editors Readers Poll), the upcoming Eidolon Avenue: The Second Feast and Martuk … the Holy: Shayateen.

He’s also the author of The Realtor: an Eidolon Avenue Short Story – a proud part of Crystal Lake Publishing’s continuing Free Short Story series – and is currently writing The Martuk Series, an ongoing collection of short fiction inspired by Martuk …

In addition, his award-winning short story “Forever Dark” can be found in Crystal Lake Publishing’s Tales from the Lake, Vol. 2 and various essays are included in the non-fiction Horror 201: The Silver Scream and Writers On Writing, Vol. 2, both from award-winning Crystal Lake Publishing.

Here’s where you can find his work:

Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast

“Lyrical, poetic, and devastating, Jonathan Winn’s Eidolon Avenue is everything good horror should be. At times, I couldn’t help feeling as if I was reading early Barker, and I can’t think of a higher compliment than that. Pay attention folks, Winn does as his name suggests, and this is a killer collection of nightmares.” – Kealan Patrick Burke, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of The Turtle Boy, Kin, and Sour Candy

“Jonathan Winn’s writing is solid and assured, and EIDOLON AVENUE: THE FIRST FEAST is a big, sweeping, fantastical and exotic work that is as engrossing and thrilling as it is disturbing and horrifying. Winn is definitely an author to watch.” – Greg F. Gifune, author The Bleeding Season

The Realtor: an Eidolon Avenue Short Story

“For those of you familiar with Eidolon Avenue it is another glimpse at the darkness residing within. For those of you not familiar, The Realtor is an addicting first taste of a much larger world.” -Zakk, The Eyes of Madness

Martuk … the Holy

“a very dark and fantastical tale where angels and demons blend together; where violence and sexuality are entwined and madness and clarity are confused” – Caleb Blake, Papyrus Independent Author Reviews

Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche

“deep, dense, intelligent, complex … the evil scenes in particular are amazing … as breathtaking as they are creepy” — Horror Fiction Reviews

“From the gorgeous prologue through the stunning end of this chapter in Martuk’s life … I loved every moment of it. Martuk is going to strike nerves.” — Zachary Walters, The Mouths of Madness Podcast

The Martuk Series

The Wounded King

“a near-perfect blend of innocence and depravity” – Amazon review

The Elder

“a masterpiece of spine chilling, blood curdling inspired writing” – Amazon review

Red and Gold

“Not only will this push the envelope, it will gild that envelope in gold, hone it to a razors edge and use it in a beautiful & brutal ceremony ” – Amazon Review

The Tall Priest

“…the next gorgeous new piece in the Martuk mythos. This world is the perfect amalgam of beauty and pain, magic and tragedy. Immediately engrossing and perpetually heartbreaking…” – Amazon Review

The Magi


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  1. Sher says:

    I was looking at some of the books I read a few years ago and re read the books by your friend syndra k Shaw but can’t find anything new. Does she go by another author name???

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