tales that will linger and torment my thoughts

From a new Pop Culture Podium five star review:

“Jonathan Winn’s concept is full of potential: an apartment building that seems to cater to tenants with dark secrets or dark desires/impulses. An eerie presence lingers within the walls and halls, with the ability to manifest the hidden inclinations of its’ residents in horrific ways. Each volume of EIDOLON AVENUE contains five stories, focusing on a single floor of the five-story structure and what goes on behind each of the five apartment doors. Winn explores and exploits that concept in terrifying fashion. His descriptions and imagery throughout this collection drip with creativity.

   There is a sub-genre within horror fiction described as “body horror”: no monsters or supernatural elements, just a violation of the human body whether physical or mental. In most cases, this sub-genre is the most frightening and disturbing. I haven’t read extensively in this category, but I believe EIDOLON AVENUE: THE SECOND FEAST deserves a seat at the head table. I’d recommend this to anyone curious and interested to explore what this sub-genre has to offer fans of horror fiction.

   The best stories in this collection were also the most horrifying examples of body horror as well as the two tales that will linger and torment my thoughts for some time to come:”

You can read the rest over here

and pick up the book right there

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