From the Mouths of Madness

Tucked at the bottom of a list of phenomenal reads from 2015 is another list, one designated for the Top Anticipated Reads of 2016.

Eidolon Avenue is on that list. Along with some superstar heavy hitters in horror — Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Glenn Rolfe, Dallas Mullican, Hunter Shea, Terry M. West, Damien Angelica Walters,  Ronald Malfi.

Basically, these are the folks I want to be like when I grow up. Like some dream still out there far away on the horizon. No, seriously. They are THAT good at what they do.

See, they tell stories that crawl under your skin, rummage around your bones and then crawl up your spine to stomp on your brain. I put words on a page and hope they kinda sorta make sense.

There’s a difference.

But there sits Eidolon. On a list of Top Anticipated Reads. For 2016. With these folks. For real.

Excuse me. I got somethin’ in my eye.

Eidolon Avenue (front cover)

Available January 15, 2015. Pre-order January 10th. From Crystal Lake Publishing.


a velvet noose

“Jonathan Winn draws his narrative around you like a velvet noose. In a heartbeat, the warm embrace of his lyrical prose gives way to deadly tension, and you’re left gasping for breath.”

Doug Murano, co-editor of the Shadows Over Main Street series and Gutted: Beautiful Horror Stories.


Jan 15th (available for pre-order Jan 10th) from Crystal Lake Publishing

I’ve been bad

She watched the stain. “I’ve been bad a long time, I think.” She traced it, running her finger all around the edge. Wondered if it tickled. “I can say that to you because you’re a friend. I think that maybe sometimes I can be sorta bad. Sometimes.”

– Umbra, Eidolon Avenue, Apt. 1D


Jan 2016 from Crystal Lake Publishing

the frozen flesh

A month later the frozen flesh had started to tighten, the nails were coming loose, the eyes had shriveled and sunk, and the barest hint of marbling appeared from her armpits and around her neck. His plaything had become unpleasant.

– Colton Carryage, Eidolon Avenue, Apt. 1C


Jan 2016 from Crystal Lake Publishing