violent tsunamis of bitter guilt

A peek at “The Scariest Part” for me of writing Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast.

“Click” was scary because…how can I put this? It was scary because why it was happening was coming from a mindset that could never be mine. The reasoning behind the cruelty, the quiet joy taken in it, the victim’s confusion shifting into realization and then terror, the whole thing turned my stomach. Put a lump in my throat. An insistent thump, thump, thumping in my head. Sent me to bed at night drowning in violent tsunamis of bitter guilt. I actually more than once — more than twice, to be honest — stopped midsentence, stood up and stepped outside just to get away from Apartment 1C.

Read the rest over on Nicholas Kaufman’s fantastic blog.

And Eidolon? Available now from Crystal Lake Publishing

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“well written slices of hell”

A peek at a new review for Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast

Eidolon Avenue is a collection of novellas that will take you to places that are disturbingly horrific and visceral. Places filled with hungry ghosts and monsters that are all too human … All of the novellas in this collection are well written slices of hell.

Read the whole thing here.

Available now from Crystal Lake Publishing

Eidolon Avenue front cover-WARNING

“a voice unlike any other”

“Each apartment holds something truly horrifying and disconcerting. Even when fantastical elements are introduced, Winn grounds the story with grim realities. Violent and graphic, the actions and thoughts of each tenant push the boundaries of comfort. There are flourishes of intensely dark content, both physical and psychological, within the pages of this story. It never goes to Edward Lee extremes, but this is classic splatterpunk by way of early Clive Barker and Jack Ketchum with the unhinged way Robert Bloch can get under your skin.

This is truly adult horror.

A voice unlike any other, Eidolon Avenue is a masterclass effort in horror literature.”

Read the full review of Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast (available now from Crystal Lake Publishing) here.

Eidolon Avenue front cover-WARNING



Thank you

After months of writing, months of editing, revising and rewriting, months of marketing and planning, months of hoping and worrying and happiness and fear, Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast is finally officially live.

Go ahead and make my day by picking up your copy here.

But before I go, it’s worth mentioning those who helped make this possible. Because if these folks hadn’t stood by my side, Eidolon would not have been possible.

So, thank you.

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Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast is my first reading experience with author Jonathan Winn, but it won’t be my last.

The structure of his five novellas is similar to the structure of Thomas Disch’s 334, a collection of stories of the inhabitants of an apartment building in a future NYC, 334. Like Disch, the strength of Winn’s writing is the excellent characterization–the unusual inhabitants of those five apartments are the stories.

Put a magnet on a note with Jonathan Winn’s name underlined on the fridge, then watch for his byline.


Available January 15th (pre-order now) from Crystal Lake Publishing

From the Mouths of Madness

Tucked at the bottom of a list of phenomenal reads from 2015 is another list, one designated for the Top Anticipated Reads of 2016.

Eidolon Avenue is on that list. Along with some superstar heavy hitters in horror — Mercedes Murdock Yardley, Glenn Rolfe, Dallas Mullican, Hunter Shea, Terry M. West, Damien Angelica Walters,  Ronald Malfi.

Basically, these are the folks I want to be like when I grow up. Like some dream still out there far away on the horizon. No, seriously. They are THAT good at what they do.

See, they tell stories that crawl under your skin, rummage around your bones and then crawl up your spine to stomp on your brain. I put words on a page and hope they kinda sorta make sense.

There’s a difference.

But there sits Eidolon. On a list of Top Anticipated Reads. For 2016. With these folks. For real.

Excuse me. I got somethin’ in my eye.

Eidolon Avenue (front cover)

Available January 15, 2015. Pre-order January 10th. From Crystal Lake Publishing.