Who the hell is this guy?

I’m a writer.  One, evidently, “imbued with a relentless darkness and an intoxicating sensuality” who is “A Highlight of the Year” and “a rare treat”.

Okay, so that’s from a review of my award-winning debut novel, Martuk … the Holy, the one someone called “one of the most difficult, complicated and exciting novels I have read in a very long time”.

Yeah, that one.

I’ve also been accused of being “a near-perfect blend of innocence and depravity” , something I share with my book The Wounded King, the first in The Martuk Series, a collection of short fiction based on Martuk … the Holy.

(you can find the print version of Martuk here, if you like)

And there’s a second book now in The Martuk Series, The Elder, which one reviewer referred to as “a masterpiece of spine chilling, blood curdling inspired writing” and the newly released third book, Red and Gold.

And next month (July 2014) I’ll be releasing Martuk … the Holy: Proseuche, the sequel to Martuk … the Holy.

But when I’m not tapping into my inner-Stephen King/Anne Rice, I also write TV shows and screenplays (one of which, West Third, is in active development now in New York), plays, emails, Tweets, occasional Post-Its, and now blogs.

Or at least A blog.

That being said, what’s on YOUR mind? Would love to hear from you. Feel free to email me at kicksotic (at) me (dot) com


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